The Untouchables

India is a land of much beauty and rich culture.  It's main religion, Hinduism, is probably most well known for its teaching of KARMA.  This teaches that what comes around goes around.  If I do good, good things happen.  If I do bad, bad things will happen to me.  But this idea of karma extends into death, into their idea of REINCARNATION.  It is believed that you will die and return in another life.  So, where you are born in society is determined by your past lives' karma.  If you are poor, you must have been bad.  If you are born wealthy, then you must have been good.  So poverty and wealth are merit based.  You deserve to be poor.  You are being punished by the gods.

The lowest caste is the Sudra.  Underneath the Sudra are animals.  And underneath the animals are a group of people called the Untouchables.  Over 300 million people who are told they are deserve poverty and sickness and a life of toil.  300 million people mistreated, abused, and pushed aside. 

The word untouchable is an awful word.  They have begun to call themselves Dalit.  The name means "broken people."  It is to this population that Claycups is working among.

The Clay Cup

When Untouchables drink out in public, they would drink out of clay cups.  And when they finished their meal, they would break the clay cup on the ground.  The reason; so that no one of a higher caste would drink after them and be made unclean.  We have chosen the clay cup to represent the struggle of the Dalit.  For God can redeem what man has broken.

The Work

The work of Claycups is to come alongside Untouchable pastors as they endeavor to bring the hope of Jesus to the Dalits of India.  These pastors are telling thousands that they are not hated by the gods.  No.  They can be loved by the God of heaven.  Jesus has come to set the captives free.  This message of hope can bring joy in the midst of sorrow.  Hope in the midst of desperation.  And peace in the midst of turmoil. 

We plant churches, provide bibles to new believers, train pastors, and take care of the many widows and orphans of our villages.  For those who wish to come alongside, know that 95% of your gifts go directly to the work in India.  Your kindness brings hope around the world.  Thank you for caring for the Untouchables.  For loving the unlovable.  For reaching the least of these.