Building buildings, planting churches

Originally published in September's E-Newsletter

Every one of our Indian church planters shepherds multiple congregations.   Like Methodists across the newly settled west, these men of God travel each week to meet with the gathered sheep of many different villages.  They meet in living rooms and in fields.  It is a beautiful thing.  You don't need a church building to be a church.  

But our church planters are running into a problem.  Our strategy is simple.  Live in a large, central village and then go inland (away from the highway) and preach Jesus.  When a village sees people accept Christ, they begin having weekly meetings.  For our church planters, the gatherings in the large central villages have seen incredible fruit.  Hindus confess Christ, are baptized, and walk in the way of Christ.  These central churches are like the church of Antioch; they are the sending body.  These central churches have grown so large they won't fit in a living room, and out in the field they get rained out or burned out by the sun.  For years our planters have been buying a few bricks at a time and slowly building a place to meet.  The time has come to shore up these central buildings so that they may more effectively reach inland.  

It is time to build some buildings.  It is time to give these poor believers a roof to protect them from the rain and the sun.  These are not like American buildings.  They are not going to have windows or AC.  These are concrete blocks with a few ceiling fans.  We have 7 churches that are ready to put up roofs.  These faithful believers have donated bricks to the point they are ready to put up ceilings.  Each church needs $1500 to get the roof up.  As of today, one church has already started construction.  We sent David home with enough for that first church.  Flint City Church has committed another by Christmas.  I am traveling to India in April and will be visiting these 7 villages.  It is my hope and prayer to fund the other 5 before I leave.  

If you or your church, Bible Study, Small Group, or Sunday School would like to adopt one of these churches, you will be able to see the immediate results of your gift. For I will be seeing these places with my own eyes and can bring back photos to any group that wishes to build a building. These buildings will be on the frontline of planting even more churches!  Build one building, and you help to plant 3-5 more village churches.  Help us go forward into the harvest fields!

For more information on what God is doing in India, feel free to check out our website:

America Highlights

While David was here in America, a great deal of work was done.  The plight of the untouchables was spoken about, and there are many who are now praying for the church of India.  There are people praying for the salvation of India's 1 billion residents.  These prayer partners are the backbone of the work we do.

We also gained new supporters who have committed to faithfully give to the work.  Even when only giving $10 a month, that $10 puts petrol in the gas tanks of motorcycles.  That allows one pastor to shepherd 3-5 village churches.  So even that little gift can have lasting and powerful gospel fruit.

It was a great trip for David. Thank you to all for welcoming him and blessing him.  


Coming in September, we announce our great plans for the coming year.  Exciting things coming your way in just a few weeks!

Home sweet Home

David has landed safely in India.  He enjoyed his 60 days here in the states, and left encouraged by his American brothers and sisters.  Thank you to everyone who made David feel at home.  He is grateful and sends his appreciation.  

I will write more about his time in America in the next few weeks.

India Dinner

Tonight, in Clarkston Michigan, we are having an Indian dinner.  The food is going to be awesome.  There is gonna be good people hanging around.  It is David's birthday, so there is gonna be cake and ice cream.  It is gonna be a great night in Clarkston, and anyone who is free, we hope to see you there.  

American Wanderings

Hello dear faithful prayer partners,                                            

Greetings to you in the mighty name of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

  Thank you so much each one of you for your payers. Your prayers has been a blessing to me as I am travelling in America. So far God has been taking me to new places in America, so everywhere I am sharing from my heart about India and my ministry. Most people do not know the facts about the dark nation India.  So I am sharing on how important it is bring India to the LIGHT.

America amazes me all the time.  The culture, the driving, the climate, and no animals on the highways (I am missing the Indian style of driving).  And also America churches surprise me.  In India we sing a number of songs and preach more than an hour in every Sunday service. But American churches have short and sweet services.

Whenever I visit America, I miss something.  For the last two times, I missed my wedding anniversary.  This time I missed the birthdays my wife and two sons. I will even miss spending my time with my family on my own birthday.  Haha.   Anyways, sometimes we have to lose something to gain others

I cant wait to meet you all, shake your hands, and thank you in person for your continuous prayers and help to our ministry we are doing in India. See you very soon. 


Meet and Greets August 2017

Our Indian Pastor David will be in town in August.  Here are the dates/opportunities you have to come and hang out with David.  We hope you are able to make it out and say hello.

Sat. 12th. 6p.  The Rock Church 11400 S. Linden Rd.  Fenton, MI.  David will have a table and be there before and after the gathering.

Sun. 13th.  8a. The Rock Church.

Sun 13th.  10, 11:30.  Lake Fenton High School.  4070 Lahring Rd.  Linden MI.  David will be sharing at the gathering and have a table before and after the gatherings.

Tues. 15th.  6p.  Indian Dinner.  6320 Wellesley Terrace.  Clarkston, MI. 48346.  Come and eat some real Indian food.  There will be a time for Q+A, an interview, and just hearing about what God is doing in India.

Sun. 20th.  10a.  Flint City Church.  605 Garland St.  Flint, Mi.  David will be sharing during the Gathering and have a table before and after.

American Christianity

Bringing an Indian to America is difficult in many ways.  The homesickness, the allure of financial prosperity, the American dream... it all is weight.  But the thing that causes the most confusion is our American brand of Christianity.  And there are many culprits   There are the academics who sit around throwing stones at anyone they deem heretics; they measure success in being right and saying true things.  There are the emotionally mindless who find holiness only in ecstatic utterance; to them the success of a meeting is measured in how they felt.  There are the comfort preachers, who try their hardest to sell something novel and clever with the hope of growing their kingdom; they measure success by butts in the seats.

These hollow echoes of Christ's church can seem very powerful and attractive to an Indian from overseas.  But they are not the truth.  These messages bring no hope here and will bring no hope back home in India.  I am sad that there is so little of the mission, so little of the Kingdom, so little of Christ's heart for sacrificial discipleship.  We have flipped the adage on it's head, "Ask not what you can give for Christ, but what our church can give to you and your family."  It's a sell.  It's a sham.  And it hurts our foreign brothers.  For they think we know what we're doing.  They think that we over here have figured it out.  But we haven't.  We are just as ugly and stupid as the church in Jerusalem demanding that Gentiles be circumcized, as foolish as the Thessalonians always thinking the end is nigh, and as dangers as the Corinthians, holding up tongues as a god unto itself.  

We are a mess here in America.  And I will warn our Indian brothers to take the bad with the good. To not idolize us, but to look past us to Jesus.  America is not the promised land.  Nor is India the kingdom, they have their own lies.  

In the end, we say this.  Be careful what you add to Jesus' gospel.  Add nothing to the cross.  Not your flag.  Not a feeling.  Not a sign.  Preach Christ and Him crucified.  Cause that can bring hope to India.  


If you are feeling adventurous, then prepare your tastebuds for some India cuisine.  We hope to have a great dinner with Pastor Livingstone when he arrives in Michigan.  More details shall follow.

Prayer for Comfort

Our Indian brother is here in America, far from family and culture and food and dress.  It is a different world here in the US of A.  Please pray for comfort for our Indian pastor as they navigate American culture and are far from their family.  Thank you.

Safe in California

Our Indian brother is safe in America.  All the visa stuff worked out great, and he is traveling the west coast sharing the work of God and being a blessing to the believers. 

Summer in India

As the northern states of MI begin to warm, our brothers in India hunker down for a heat not found in the states.  There are days the tempature will clock in at 120 degrees.  During these days death is not uncommon.  The human body just cannot cope with such heat.  To make things worse, the heat creates rolling blackouts.  So fans and AC units can only be turned on when the power is on.  Sometimes it'll be on in the morning, other times it will be on at night.  It is a hard life out in Andhra.  But no matter how hard the climate may be, our national pastors travel highway and byway to bring the message of living water to the villages of India.  So when you are sweating and looking forward to some frigid AC, remember our brothers across the world.