Originally published in monthly E-Newsletter, October 2016.

Generally we ask for prayer concerning the work on the ground in India.  We pray for our pastors who bring the gospel into the unreached villages of India.  We pray for the churches that are unjustly targeted in this season of persecution.  We pray for the Dalits who are modern day slaves living under an evil system of injustice.  

This month, I must ask for a new prayer request.  Claycups has joined the list of organizations that have experienced newly created hurdles towards their work in India.  We are currently in conversation with the IRS in alleviating these matters, but ask that those who love the work in India please pray that God would give us great favor this month as we attempt to navigate these international relationships.  

We are for Jesus.  We are for India.  We are for the Dalit.  And we will keep being for these things until there is no breath left in our bodies