It has not made the news here, but India has made a very aggressive move in combating "black money."  Essentially, the country is concerned with how much business is unreported.  People have piles of money that are unaccounted for.  How to root this money out?  The government decided to make the current bills illegal.  Overnight, a bill that could buy you rice is not just paper.  You have to bring your paper money in and trade it for real stuff.  This way the government knows how much everyone really has.

This has been a disastrous move.  Much of India is run on cash, not credit of any kind.  And our village churches, all people with no bank accounts or formal financial existence, now must come before an increasingly hostile government and be in the spotlight.  It is a hard time for many in India.  And a very hard time for our village pastors.  Please pray for them during this season.