Originally published in the December E-Newsletter. 

It has been four weeks since the government of India took the drastic measure to OUTLAW it's own currency.  You read that right. Imagine the president coming on the news one night and saying any cash you have on hand is now worthless.
Now, in America, we could roll with that.  Alot of our money is digital.  It is in banks or retirement accounts.  But in India, the people operate with a cash only economy.  The average Indian villager will never walk into a bank.  They do not have digital money.  This policy affects the poor more than the wealthy.  The villages have been hit the hardest by this brash and foolhardy move.  The government's official stance is that this action will bring all of the "black money" to the surface (untaxed holdings). 

However, the believers of India wonder if this is yet another way to hinder the church of God.  The government is now going to know every dollar that the church in India has.  Since the money in their pocket is worthless money, every Indian has to trade it to the government for their newly printed money.  This new policy follows on the heels of the very public and sad expulsion of Compassion International.  After investing millions in schools and hospitals, India has pushed Compassion out of the country.  It is very possible that this demonitzation tactic could be yet another way to put pressure on the faithful servants of Jesus.

Please continue to pray for the pastors in India.  They face oppostition on many sides as they try to serve Christ.  The government is offering bribes for people to come back to Hinduism; the church's money has been made illegal; and the government is openly anti-Christian.  It is a hard time.  But there is a king above all earthly governments, and it is in Him we trust.