The day is spent in scripture, in prayer, and in song.  When the night comes, we journey deep into the forest to the village of Kakar*.  

The pastor there was a con man in his youth.  He would dress as a policeman and extract fees from unsuspecting motorists.  Then his parents faith brought guilt, so he bought a rickshaw (the kind you pedal) and earned his living transporting people.  Then came a day when he lost the use of his legs and  one arm.  The paralysis lasted for a long season, and doctors could not help.  So he called upon the Lord.  And asked to be healed.  God heard his prayer, and answered.  In his gratitude, Pastor R pledged his life to serve Him.  For 17 years Pastor R has labored in this small village on the outskirts of India.  Seeing the work was moving, and I am glad to be partnered with such a man as he.  

For he is on our pastoral team.  He is a brother.  We brought bibles for new believers.  We laid hands on  the people in prayer, asking God to heal sickness, give wisdom, and raise up new leaders.  

Jarrett shared a kind word, thanking the people for their warmth and declaring his love for this newfound land.  I followed by preaching a sermon that glorified Christ.  It was a great night to gather with the family. 

There is a need in this village.  The back wall of the church is incomplete.  When the rainy season comes, the people cannot gather.  For $700 we can buy all the material for the wall, and the church will take care of hiring the mason to do the work.  If anyone feels led, the need has been declared.

The time for sleep comes.  Hopefully it finds us this night, for the morning has us preaching in two villages instead of one.