Tonight I will not write much.  After braving the highways and byways, the jungle and the forest, we found ourselves in two different villages this day.  There was the sharing of life, the eating of food, the joy of seeing old friends.  There was the sharing of stories, hearing the testimonies of new believers and faithful pastors.  There was the preaching of the word, the too-loud singing of songs, the time in prayer begging God for a word that would strengthen and encourage the brothers.  

So we arrive back to the village at midnight.  Just in time for dinner and to fall on our bed exhausted.  But it is a good tired.  A tired that has been earned.  A tired that is not wheels spinning.  No.. This is a tired that is peaceful and full.   

Tomorrow holds yet even more... And Jarrett will share of what God is showing him on this journey. 

 -Ernesto Alaniz