It is very easy to be confronted with poverty and to feel guilty about our own wealth.  To feel bad for living in a home, having running water, owning a vehicle.  This is a normal and healthy reaction.  But we cannot stay there.  Seeing and learning about the life of the untouchables should challenge our priorities, but guilt as paralysis is not helpful.  God's desire is not for you to sit in a corner and feel bad about yourself.  What He wants is for you to forget yourself.  

So, what do to when faced with injustice, poverty, and suffering?  I say be an agent of change.  Let your light shine before men.  Just as Abraham was blessed, and then the world was blessed through him, so you are blessed to be a blessing.  Be generous.  Give with a thankful heart.  Live within your means, choosing a path of simplicity, so you are able to invest in the Kingdom of Heaven.  I am not even saying give to Claycups.  Give to your local church.  Give to those works that God has brought before you (and that are financially trustworthy).  

If you live in America, you have been blessed with wealth.  So, be a blessing.  There is great joy in seeing God's kingdom go forward.  Great joy indeed.