Word has come from India for prayer.  Two of our churches our requesting prayer, as they face resistance from within and without.  

From without, a church is being accused by Hindu fanatics of disturbing the peace.  And the 2nd church in our network is being threatened with destruction.  Pray for our brothers.

From within, one of our simple village churches is being courted by the big city ministry.  They have come to the village, telling them to travel far to the big church in the big town.  That their big building is proof of God's favor, while this villages' modest hut for gathering is proof that God does not hear them.  I am greatly saddened by this.  That there are wolves in India, within the already weak church of God, confusing sheep and drinking greedily from their blood.  

So please pray.  That our shepherds would know how to stand against the world, and how to fight against the wolves.