I want to stop and write a small note here for all who pray for the nation of India.  India is a very rich and complicated land.  Though from the outside she seems chaotic and backward, but when seen from the inside there is much beauty to be admired.  We here at Claycups do what we do because we love India.

We sometimes write about the bad that is happening in India.  But know our hearts.  We see the bad, and acknowledge it.  But we are committed to stay and make a difference.  GK Chesterton once said of the church, "You must hate her enough to see her many faults, and love her enough to stay and fix them."  Or something like that.  

So, know this reader.  We love India.  We are committed to India.  The board of Claycups sacrifices mightily for this great work.  No one on our board receives any kind of financial benefit for their service.  Just the opposite.. the board gives the most to see this great work go forward.

So, continue to pray for India.  That wonderful land loved by God.  We pray, we care, we invest, we tell her story.  We are For India.  We are For Jesus.