Originally published in August 2016 E Newsletter.

In America, we grow church in two ways; division and addition.

First, we grow churches by division.  Two leaders in a church come to a disagreement.  One leader takes some of those people and starts a new work.  This is "growth" by division.  One church body becomes two.

Other churches in America grow by addition.  They add a gathering.  They add a location.  Or maybe they are the rare kingdom minded folk who actually plant a church.  These are all God honoring ways to be on mission.  But still, the church in America has fallen behind the birth rate.  Which means there are more people every day who aren't in the family of God than are.

In India, our goal is to grow God's kingdom through multiplication.  A pastor goes into a new village and begins preaching Jesus.  Some accept that He is the Christ, and they begin meeting on a weekly basis.  The Indian pastor begins training a disciple.  Within two to five years, this disciple is commissioned to a new village where there is no church.  

Then both the discipler and the disciplee begin the process over again.  Two becomes four.  Four become eight.  Multiplication.  Every single gathering will be small.  10 - 20 people gathering in a village.  Many of the pastors are bi-vocational.  This allows the movement to keep going forward.  It does not botteneck at a salary.  It doesn't stall because of funds.  It just keeps moving forward.

These unsung heroes will never write a book.  They will never be featured in a magazine.  But they will shepherd countless souls into God's presence.  It is these brave souls we resource and equip.  It is this methodology we encourage and promote in our region.  

Thank you for investing in bringing Jesus to India.  Thank you for pushing forth the kingdom of God into the most unreached parts of the world.

Pastor Ernesto Alaniz