It was 8 years ago that we witnessed the riots in the larger cities of Andhra Pradesh.  The riots took place because a portion of Andhra wanted to secede from the state.  They wanted to create a brand new state, taking with them the largest city and the international airport that ALL the people had given so much taxes for.  Well, for years the riots raged.  And finally the state was broken into two pieces.  The new state is called Telangana.  The old state still is called Andhra Pradesh, but she is a very wounded state.  She has no functional capital.  There is no international airport.  There is not a diversity of commerce.  The remaining Andhra is in real bad shape, and the current season is revealing just how bad.

The state is raising taxes in order to meet shortfalls.  Prices of basic goods are on the rise.  And it this area where we are planting churches by making disciples.  Our team is in the midst of the economic downturn.  The poor now find they are poorer.  There is fear of this recession becoming something more, something worse.   

So, I ask you to pray for this region of India.  Pray that the disciples would endure to the end.  Pray that God would show favor on this region.  Pray that the people would have the food they need to eat.   

Thank you for walking with us in this season.