Originally published in January 2017 E-Newsletter. 

2016 ends with much discouragement in India. Within one year, half of India's Chrst centered non-profits have been shut down. Even Compassion International has been asked to leave her borders. This has left tens of thousands of children with less access to education, to medicine, and to Christ. 
For Claycups, 2017 looks to be a year of opportunity. Here are some of our goals for this next year.

1) America. We are bringing a few Indian pastors here to America to invest in them, to encourage them, and so they can share the story of what they are seeing first hand. Stay tuned for a schedule of where they will be speaking and when.

2) India. Even with the government cracking down, the gospel goes forward. We have three new communities who are meeting in the open air, and they are ready to put up some basic walls and some kind of ceiling to shield them from the awful heat of the sun. We hope to invest in these three new works. Be in prayer how you could make a difference to these distant villages.

These are two of the major initiatives we are hoping to tackle this year. Thank you for all you do to keep the gospel going forward on the subcontinent of India. We stand with our Indian brothers as they endure a true season of persecution. May God use our prayers, our monies, and our time to keep the light shining in the darkest of seasons.