Originally Published in November 2017 E - Newsletter

During India's last election, a very conservative and pro-Hindu party took power.  This party stands on slogans like "India for Hindus and Hindus for India."  As this party came to power in all branches of government, many Christians began praying for safety in the upcoming season of persecution.  That season has finally begun.

In Andhra, the state where our work is located, incidents of intimidation are on the rise.  There are videos and testimonies of Christian pastors being brought before Hindu idols and forced to bow down and give loyalty.  And many pastors do bow. 

There are reports of Christian preachers being confronted on the streets and fields of India.  Those ministers who preach in the open air are now threatened and forced to shut their mouths.  This is unheard of in Andhra. 

On television, Hindu priests come on and say that Christians and Muslims are guests in this Hindu home and that these tourists better mind their manners, or they will be kicked out of the country.  This rhetoric flows down to the towns and now to the villages.

We are asking for prayer for the Christian pastors of India.  They are the ones who will be targeted first.  If you can strike down the shepherd, perhaps the sheep will scatter.  Pray for courage, for boldness, and for resolve.