The following incident took place on New Year's Eve in one of the key villages of our network.  It was originally published in the February 2017 E-Newsletter.

"Warm wishes to you all in Jesus name. I hope every one of you had a great Christmas and New Year Celebration. Here in India we too celebrated Christmas and by the amazing grace of our Lord, we have had wonderful watch night in prayer.  Prayer started at 8p on December 31st, 2016 and closed by 2a on January 1st,  2017.  It is our custom to bridge the old and new year with prayers.

We were so happy in the first hour of 2017. We were clapping , singing, dancing, and  performing skits.  We all are very much thankful to our Lord for the New Year He gave.  But the evil are jealous of the praises given to our Lord.

A group of drunkards came on motor bikes, stopping in front of our church and started disturbing the service by raising their bikes, horns, whistles...etc.  When a couple of young girls went out to use wash rooms, the mob harrased them.  These inocent young girl came running back into the church, and we all went out.  Every one of the drunkard group went except two of them.  There were only two of them, and we had almost 150 people.  But these guys were fearless and they started arguing with us.  We told them to leave, but they were there with a purpose.

After much yellling, disrupting, and blasphemy, one of our church youth lost their cool, grabbed the drunkard's shirt and pushed him.  Then they exicuted their plan.  He went on bike and came back with almost 40 of his group.  We were helpless. They tried to enter into our church to destroy everything in it, but we were able to stop them.  The entire church stood in front of the church building.  The mob tore the sarees of a few women, and they beat our church elders and youth. 

It was about 3 in the monring at this point.  Even though we were beaten by them, we did not go to the police station. We do not want to make it much more big.  If we made it a big deal, then more people will join on their side.  We thought this way, but they were very cunning and called ambulance, went to hospital and then to police station.  They submitted a complaint against the Pastor and his family.  They said " We went to wish the church Happy New Year, but they beat us".

So, we went to police station along with our church and submited a complaint with the truth.  When we were at the police station, policemen cursed the pastor and his wife.  Policemen did not give respect to the elder pastors as they sought justice.

Since then we have gone to the higher policer officer (Deputy Superintendent of Police) to file a complaint against the mob.  But unfortunately he just forwarded the complaint back to the local department.  Some local politicians have entered and are indirectly supporting the mob.  We are helpless.  The enemy is proud of their power. 

We are waiting on Our Lord of Hosts. He will fight for us. So we have been gathering together for fasting and prayer.  We may be weak, but the God we have is MIGHTY. We are strong in HIM. We are not afraid.

I am requesting you all...Please keep our church in your prayers."

More information to follow.

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