One of our forefront works here at Claycups is our investment in open air revival meetings.  This sounds archaic to modern American ears.  But India is a land without internet in a lot of the villages.  Many of the villages are far away from the gospel.  So our pastors will go into a new village, meet people and invite them out for a three day concert/revival.  We have good music.  Our pastors tell people about the life and work of Jesus Christ.  And there is an opportunity to declare allegiance to Jesus.  

I have seen many churches born from these revival meetings.  So coming up this month we are having a three day open air revival in a central village of our region.  Please pray that our pastors would stand tall against spiritual oppression.  Pray that many would come and hear the good news about Jesus.  Pray that new villages would be impacted for the kingdom.

If you wish to give to make this meeting go forward, we are looking at spending $2,000 this year. Thank you in advance for your prayer and investment in the work of India.