Originally published in May 2017 E-Newsletter

From David Livingstone

     "Gospel Meetings 2017 started with around 900 people in attendance the first day. My friend Pastor D----- shared the Word of God on HOPE. It was an amazing sermon to the hopeless people here. Jesus is the hope to the hopeless. After the sermon many hopeless people came forward to recieve hope by accepting Jesus as their personal savior. It was an amazing night.

     On the second night God did great things as well....many were in attendance. Pastor B----------- shared a wonderful sermon to strengthen the church and also spoke to the non-Christians through the word of God. God has been doing great things through Gospel Meetings. But I had a disturbance in my heart that something bad was going to happen. Even though I am enjoying His presence I had this feeling in my heart. 

     On the last night at 7 PM, I was walking to the grounds when the climate suddenly changed....clouds came, winds started blowing, tress were breaking, lightning, thunders...oh I thought this is the night that something happens against the gospel meetings. When I reached the ground, the mats on the ground and carpets on stage where blown away. At the same time the pastors from other villages started calling me and asking me, 'Do we have meeting tonight?' It was raining in their villages, and they wondered if the revival would be cancelled.
     I was disappointed. On the third night we planned to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ministry. I have invited many guests to join with us on the third night on the joyful occasion of 20th anniversary of our independent ministry. We thought to bring Pastor J-------  and all the chief guests for their wonderful and dedicated work for the Kingdom. We had arranged every thing for that night, and now it wasn't going to happen. I knelt down in front of the stage, praying, crying out to God. I do not want to see things happen against the gospel meetings. 
     'For God is our God for ever and ever.' Everything is in His control. Wind stopped blowing as God commanded the climate. It was raining every where, in every village and every town. But not in our village. What could push back the weather? Only our God. Not only that, God also brought churches from other villages safe even it was raining in their villages. Around 1500 people were in attendance to praise our Lord for His mercy. It was a tremendous night of glory. Everything went in order, it was just because of God's kindness. Our God is in control. Every one amazed to know that raining every where except in this village. It became a testimony to share to the non-Christians about the power of our God. 

     We had blessed Gospel Meetings. We thank you all for your prayers and for the seeds you sow for the Kingdom. We appreciate your efforts. God Bless You."