Hello dear faithful prayer partners,                                            

Greetings to you in the mighty name of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

  Thank you so much each one of you for your payers. Your prayers has been a blessing to me as I am travelling in America. So far God has been taking me to new places in America, so everywhere I am sharing from my heart about India and my ministry. Most people do not know the facts about the dark nation India.  So I am sharing on how important it is bring India to the LIGHT.

America amazes me all the time.  The culture, the driving, the climate, and no animals on the highways (I am missing the Indian style of driving).  And also America churches surprise me.  In India we sing a number of songs and preach more than an hour in every Sunday service. But American churches have short and sweet services.

Whenever I visit America, I miss something.  For the last two times, I missed my wedding anniversary.  This time I missed the birthdays my wife and two sons. I will even miss spending my time with my family on my own birthday.  Haha.   Anyways, sometimes we have to lose something to gain others

I cant wait to meet you all, shake your hands, and thank you in person for your continuous prayers and help to our ministry we are doing in India. See you very soon.