Originally published in September's E-Newsletter

Every one of our Indian church planters shepherds multiple congregations.   Like Methodists across the newly settled west, these men of God travel each week to meet with the gathered sheep of many different villages.  They meet in living rooms and in fields.  It is a beautiful thing.  You don't need a church building to be a church.  

But our church planters are running into a problem.  Our strategy is simple.  Live in a large, central village and then go inland (away from the highway) and preach Jesus.  When a village sees people accept Christ, they begin having weekly meetings.  For our church planters, the gatherings in the large central villages have seen incredible fruit.  Hindus confess Christ, are baptized, and walk in the way of Christ.  These central churches are like the church of Antioch; they are the sending body.  These central churches have grown so large they won't fit in a living room, and out in the field they get rained out or burned out by the sun.  For years our planters have been buying a few bricks at a time and slowly building a place to meet.  The time has come to shore up these central buildings so that they may more effectively reach inland.  

It is time to build some buildings.  It is time to give these poor believers a roof to protect them from the rain and the sun.  These are not like American buildings.  They are not going to have windows or AC.  These are concrete blocks with a few ceiling fans.  We have 7 churches that are ready to put up roofs.  These faithful believers have donated bricks to the point they are ready to put up ceilings.  Each church needs $1500 to get the roof up.  As of today, one church has already started construction.  We sent David home with enough for that first church.  Flint City Church has committed another by Christmas.  I am traveling to India in April and will be visiting these 7 villages.  It is my hope and prayer to fund the other 5 before I leave.  

If you or your church, Bible Study, Small Group, or Sunday School would like to adopt one of these churches, you will be able to see the immediate results of your gift. For I will be seeing these places with my own eyes and can bring back photos to any group that wishes to build a building. These buildings will be on the frontline of planting even more churches!  Build one building, and you help to plant 3-5 more village churches.  Help us go forward into the harvest fields!

For more information on what God is doing in India, feel free to check out our website: www.claycups.net