Buildings are not the church.  But they can help the church do it’s work. 

I am currently pastoring a church that has no building.  We meet in borrowed space every Sunday.  This makes it hard to host weddings, to minister to the hurting during funerals, to provide the community with safe spaces to meet during the week.  

This is true here, and it is true overseas.  As some of our churches have grown, have become church planting hubs, they have prayed for walls and cielings to provide shelter from the rain and the heat.  We just finished another building in India.  And it is not everything.  But it is a tool that helps us bring the gospel even further.   

Thank you for caring.  For believing in this work.   

There is only one more building to construct.  $1500 will get us there.  If you or your church wants to help, let us know.  Thank you.