Originally posted in the February 2018 E-Newsletter

Our pastors in Andhra are committed to telling people about Jesus.  Whenever a new settlement is built along the highway, our team will go and meet the new residents moving in.  They will provide help and wisdom about the region, and they will begin holding Bible Studies for anyone interested in knowing Jesus.  We have seen many churches grow from these studies.  

When approaching an established village, the strategy has always been to have a series of concerts over a three day period.  These revivals, with their dances and talented musicians, draw great crowds.  And then one of our preachers will open the Bible and proclaim the word of God under an open sky.  Many times, people will be stirred, and they will confess Christ as Lord.  After the revival, a pastor begins coming to their village to hold weekly meetings.  Usually one of the new converts will offer their home as a place to meet.  This is the birth of a house church.  

Lately, the team has been itching to bring the gospel where no one dares go.  There is a desire to push deep into the jungle, into regions that practice a more ancient form of Hinduism.  These jungle regions are painfully poor, lacking electricity, running water, and buses.  There is a desire to begin committing resources to reaching these far off places.  This is going to be a hard ministry.  There may be years of work before seeing any fruit, but the Indian church is accustomed to hard soil.   

Please pray for our pastors as they seek to bring the hope of Jesus into the furthest reaches of their home nation. 

-Ernesto Alaniz
President, Claycups Ministries