Originally published in the May E-Newsletter.

 “I have been back on American soil for two weeks now.  I still am waking up too early and falling asleep in the middle of the day.  I have sat down to write out my thoughts on many occasions, and each time I have not yet been ready to put it into words.
First, to everyone who prays and gives to the work of Claycups, thank you.  I visited four new works that are resourced because many of you faithfully give $5 or $10 a month.  This is not much to us.  But in a land where village pastors live on tithes of rice and onions, $10 goes a long way.

Second, know that the gospel of Jesus Christ cannot be stopped.  One pastor told me how every convert in his church has been approached by officials and offered strong financial benefits to come back to Hinduism.  They have been offered lump sums.  They have been offered ration cards and scholarships for college for their children.  All they have to do is bow the knee to an idol and renounce Jesus.  I asked him, “Has anyone taken the deal?”  He looked at me, smiled big, and simply said, “No, brother.  Not a single family.”

Thirdly, there is much work left to do.  I spent half of this trip up in the mountains visiting a village that is not even recognized by the Indian government.  We were truly off the grid.  No bathroom.  No running water.  We carried in a car battery for lightbulbs and fans.  Our entire team slept on the floor in a straight up hut.  The first night, we were warned not to take food or drink, for the local witch doctors might try to poison us so that we would leave.  During our time there, a mutilated goat kept being sent to our site and it kept trying to come into our hut.  Every night, and then on the last day, it came.  The wounds it bore were not from an animal, and we assumed it was some kind of curse being sent into our camp.  Even with all this, we planted gospel seeds.  We met people on the side of this mountain that have never ever heard the name of Christ.  Not even a mention.  We were only there for a few days, but there is a pastor at the foot of the mountain who will continue to go up weekly to begin meeting with those who wonder about Jesus.  It is our prayer that some in this village may put their hope in Jesus.  That they will become disciples, and that a church will be born in a place that was once owned by the enemy.

We are for Jesus.  We are for India.  Thank you for walking with the untouchables of India.  Thank you for caring.”

-Ernesto Alaniz